Aerial Lifts Last Through the Derby

What’s the one thing left at the end of a demolition derby? A pile of destroyed cars may be your first guess. While that is true, the one piece of machinery that isn’t damaged at the end of a demolition derby is the aerial lift. Occasionally referred to as a boom lift or a cherry picker, aerial lifts are typically used for construction purposes, but do have a variety of other uses. Aerial lifts can hold a little less than a ton, so a few other uses include cameramen at derbies and other events. Aerial lifts allow for derby fans to watch all the action and get every angle, so even if they’re watching it on a television, they feel as if it’s live and happening right in front of them. Aerial lifts also allow the workers of the various arenas to adjust, repair, and replace the lights in the arena so nothing malfunctions during a derby or any other event.

Variety of Uses for Aerial Lifts

Because of the availability of aerial lift rentals, many amateur cameramen and filmmakers can use aerial lifts to get those amazing panoramic shots. Booms lift rentals can have a variety of uses, too, from the more practical uses in the construction field to the more creative uses in the filmmaking and television industries. Even within the specified fields, there are a wide variety of uses. The nickname “cherry picker” came from one of the other uses for the machine—hauling men to pick various fruits. They also allow for electrical workers to repair telephone poles and various other tall structures not otherwise accessible.

Availability of Aerial Lift Rentals

Aerial lift rentals and boom lift rentals are the reason for such amazing camera angles and coverage at demolition derbies, sporting events, and concerts. It takes some bravery to climb onto the platform of an aerial lift to get the shots and angles that make or break the production. Aerial lifts could even play a part in whatever project you might be working on—maybe a behind-the-scenes documentary on filming a demolition derby? The aerial lift could be used to film as the arena is being set up and the cars brought in. Then (if needed), a second aerial lift rental could be arranged and the second aerial lift brought in to cover both ends of the arena. If you'd like more information about aerial lift rentals or to get rates check out, the number one source for new and used aerial lifts in North America.